By Admin
February 24, 2022
• Diabetes - 10 ml in fresh juice and 10 ml in amla juice twice daily.
• Acne - By applying paste on the affected area twice a day. Using turmeric with water, milk or cream on the face provides glow to the skin and removes unwanted hair if used regularly.
• Cold - 2 grams powder with warm milk and sugar twice a day. A decoction of 1 gram of turmeric powder or the use of turmeric in herbal tea prevents all allergy problems.
• Wounds / ulcers / skin diseases - Wash with turmeric decoction and apply turmeric paste. A paste made by mixing ghee/coconut oil should be applied on the affected area.
• Skin allergy - 1-3 grams powder should be taken with jaggery twice a day.